Persuasive Essay on War Technologies

The U.S. military is responsible for the creation of many revolutionary technologies. This kind of tech being made and used is very positive for Americans safety. Risks of dangerous activities can be taken away by these new techs, so we can be safer and more successful. If you create a new technology to detect threats in a suburban area, many deaths could be prevented from acts of violence. Soldiers can be taken out of dangerous situations by being replaced by AI and such to carry out a mission.

Carrying out or defending against war is obviously not one of the easiest things to do. There are many things that could go wrong, psychologically or physically. With the implication of new technology soldiers jobs will become much easier. Things have already been made like this to prevent possible human error. Radars have been made to detect lifeforms or specific materials. Recon drones have been made to scout areas, so soldiers may now what’s coming and have a better chance of survival. If the technology is made to do its job there will be less room for human flaw.

Another reason why the development of these kinds of technological precautions are so important is just considering the safety of the people. One way of looking at this is taking soldiers physically out of the situation all together. Being in a battle situation will always have the risk of injury or death. There has been a development of these kinds of devices such fighter and stealth jets with strictly auto-pilot and they have been trying to create automated soldiers. This kind of revolution can minimize the amount of human casualties making war safer as a whole. And if there is only the risk of losing technology, and not human life, more dangerous missions that could be a crucial part of securing a victory.

This kind of technology is very beneficial to us on the battle ground, but what about in a different environment? In the past they have adapted previous war tech, into something for the public use, with the same basic idea. They have done it before with GPS, used by the military as means of locating troops and missiles launched for submarines. We wouldn’t have the internet if the military didn’t create it as a means of communication. It would be unknown to us to be able to check the weather, if the radar wasn’t invented during World War 2 and adapted to read different things. A lot of things we use all the time in our lives would not be around with the being made in the military.

Although, there are certain thoughts on war tech that show its negative sides. There is of course the fact that someone could use new war tech for not its intended purpose. If there is a weapon capable of committing mass destruction somebody could abuse it. If that could happen, one could argue if it’s even worth making. Then to add on top of that, if someone functional enough is made, it could eliminate jobs that soldiers and other military officials have. If there is no use for soldiers then, the soldiers won’t have jobs. Finally, there is the claim that there is no point in making new tech, because eventually everyone will have it. There are ways that countries have been able to find out about a tech another country has, and mimic it. If this continues there will be no point in having new tech, because it will never leave you with the upper hand. Fortunately, with enough work all of this could be fixed. For the problem with abusing the technology, one could simply put precautions in case someone were to try something like this, and security on the tech to make sure its not happening. The solution to the job problem, is virtually the problem itself. While people are losing jobs to these AI, at the same time people are gaining jobs to create them. If there is a worry about the publicity of the tech to rival militaries, there of course could be ways of diluting the issue with minimal staff on the project, small base of work, and maybe even red herrings could help the issue.

In conclusion, war technology can, and is, being made beneficial to us and our society. They can make us safer in our everyday lives and in dangerous war situations. If it can be helped, these war technologies will make it so we can avoid being in these situations all together. Best of all, they can be made for use outside of war. After people seeing what it is capable of the will adapt it to make it even more useful to people outside the military. Without war technologies, it would be a difficult, and dangerous world to live in, with no means of protection from other people who want to cause problems, or no easy way to figure out what the weather will be and no easy way to figure out how to get somewhere. We are much better off with war technologies.